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Very Intelligent Self Operating Robot (VISOR) which appears on the original story by which Robomaniax takes charge of a draft " VISOR FORCE " is released as 11 inch action figure model kit.

6 features of  RobokineticFrame

11 inch Size

Good size exactly for an adult to move it by hand    More >

Spherical Joint 

Tough and smooth joint with a metal ball connector   More >

Removable Shell

The skeleton body system Shell can separate from a frame    More >

Single Solid Bone

A metal single solid born is adopted as a core layer of a frame      More >

Action Cylinder

27 action cylinders extend based on  every movement of the joint   More >

No Glue

The assembly only consists of screws and nuts   More >

As a second product, we will release a VISOR named "VOGUE" in Spring of 2019.

And release of the "Weapon Set" which consist of the Spark Driver and Reid Laser which are main weapons of a VISOR is also scheduled.

Please look forward to future developments.

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