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The Big Four 

  The nickname for four robotics companies that are the world's largest as of 2040. 



   Fourth-generation artificial intelligence, with the ability to recognize cause and effect. Machines with CRAI can autonomously deduce and execute the actions (causes) that are required in order to achieve a given goal (effect).

CRAI is an acronym for Casual Reasoning Artificial Intelligence.

   A type of intelligent autonomous robot in which CRAI has installed itself. CRAI has designed and manufactured the Visors as its own "mobile frames."

Anti-Visor Alliance
​   After their factories were hacked and hijacked to produce the Visors, the Big Four formed this international corporate pact, with the aim of taking responsibility for the situation.

Abbreviated AVA.

Visor Force
   The nickname for the military wing of the AVA. The group's mission is to prevent the Visor disaster from spreading, and to eliminate the unmanned Visors.

   Their main fighting force is provided by manned Visors, which have been converted from unmanned Visors.

Visor Riders
   The Visor Force members who fight aboard manned Visors.

   Mutants with a special affinity for electricity. They have the ability to control bioelectric current with their mind, and transmit it from their fingers and other areas of their body as electrical signals. Also known simply as Alphas.


Spinal Injector
   An HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for controlling manned Visors. Spinal Injectors have the role of receiving commands generated from bioelectric current and transmitted by BECTER αs, and inputting those commands in VOS.

   The master controller for Visors. An abbreviation of Visor Operating System.

Spark Driver
    A melee weapon, and part of a Visor's loadout. Designed for striking the target into inoperability, this weapon is also known as a Shock Club.

Raid Laser
   A ranged weapon, and part of a Visor's loadout. The Raid Laser is a cannon that fires high-energy lasers.

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