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The World of VISOR FORCE

The year is 2040 CE. Across the globe, the automated factories belonging to the "Big Four" robotics companies suffer a hacking attack, and are locked out.​

The lockout lasts for almost a month. Then, large numbers of unmanned robots 6 meters in height emerge from each of the factories.

These unmanned robots, known as VISORs, launch attacks on the nearest major cities. Thus began the "Manhunt," a program to reduce the world's human population.

Faced with this grave situation, the Big Four companies form an international corporate pact called the Anti-Visor Alliance (AVA).

The AVA takes possession of Visors captured on the battlefield and converts them into manned vehicles, which become the vanguard for the anti-Visor brigade known as Visor Force.

Climbing aboard their manned Visors, Visor Force and its colorful cast of characters are set to battle the enemy Visor army!

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