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Developed by Robomaniax, the Kinetic Frame is a mobile body for action figures.

The Kinetic Frame is designed to allow users to have fun moving its 25 cm tall body after it has been built. Its construction is exceptionally sturdy.

Each Kinetic Frame has an architecture that is completely independent from its outer Shells. The Shell Exchange feature makes a wide variety of builds possible.

Kinetic Frame (KF01) SPEC

■ Height    : 250mm

■ Wifth      : 110mm 

■ Weight   : 324g

■ Material :

 ・Bone, Ball Connector, cylinder : brass 

 ・Shaft, Power Cable, Finger Wire : Stainless

 ・Base block:Nylon

 ・Shell:Urethane resin

■ Types of Joints :

 ・head & neck, backbone, knee, elbow : double-spherical joint

 ・upper arm, thigh, ankle, wrist, toe : single spherical joint

 ・shoulder, groin : rotary joint

 ・finger : flexible wire

■ Number of Action Cylinders : 27

What is the Kinetic Frame ?
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