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About Robomaniax

Naoya Aota

President of Robomaniax

My love of model-building began when I was in grade school, and I built many of them over the years.

When I got into building models meant for advanced builders, it felt like something was missing. What left me feeling less than satisfied was that once they were finished, I couldn't have fun moving them around.

After all, these were advanced models I had put my own time and money into building, so I wanted to be able to move them around with my own hands, and to have fun on my own terms.

Models of that sort, though, have so many parts and are cast in such fine detail that once you've finished building them, you have to treat them as carefully as you'd treat a precious artifact, or they'll break.

That was what led me to develop the Kinetic Frame, a mobile figure body that I conceived as a model for advanced builders with a durable frame that, when finished, could be moved and played with.

I made a prototype, and when I moved and played with the Action Cylinders and the connected joints, I experienced a whole new kind of fun, something I'd never felt with the models I'd built before.

My desire to help many more model hobbyists around the world experience that feeling led me to found Robomaniax.

Today, Robomaniax is taking on the challenge of producing products and services centering on the Kinetic Frame. Our goal is to deliver excitement to model enthusiasts around the world.

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