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Privacy Policy

Enacted on Jun 1st 2018



The personal information of the customer ("Personal Information") provided by the customer to Robomaniax will be managed with the following policy.


1. Robomaniax will comply with laws and standards concerning the protection of Personal Information, and take all necessary measures to protect the Personal Information of the customer.


2. Personal information to collect


Robomaniax collect information from customer when they place an order, fill out a form or enter information on our website.



・email address

・mailing address

・phone number

・credit card information



3.The purposes of using Personal Information


Robomaniax will utilize Personal Information properly within the following purposes.


・fulfilling orders

・delivering packages

・processing credit card payments

・responding to the customer's enquiry


In addition to the purposes for using Personal Information listed above, Robomaniax may from time to time specify other use purposes through provisioning of services and customer surveys.



4.Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information


1) Robomaniax may disclose and provide Personal Information to its subcontractors to the extent reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes as identified in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy.


2) In respect of 1) above, subject to the Personal Information Protection Law, and other applicable laws and regulations, Robomaniax will verify that each subcontractor to which Personal Information is to be disclosed and provided from Company has implemented the measures necessary to protect Personal Information, and take all appropriate and necessary actions including but not limited to entering into appropriate agreement with such subcontractor to protect Personal Information.


3) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated above, Robomaniax may disclose and provide Personal Information to government authorities, including but not limited to any court or police if required or requested properly pursuant to any applicable law or order.



5.Revision of this Privacy Policy


Robomaniax may revise this Privacy Policy a) to protect Personal Information of the customer, b) to follow the amendment of laws, rules and guidelines. Robomaniax will announce the revision of this Privacy Policy via official website.

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