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Terms and Conditions

Enacted on Jun 1st 2018

Revised on Apr 1st 2019



 When using the website of Robomaniax ( "Site") , please follow the content of "Terms and Conditions" (the "Terms"), stipulated by Robomaniax. When you start using the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to the following.

The Terms may be changed at need, without previous notice. So you are requested to visit this page and check the latest terms before using the Service.

1. Before Using the Site

  • A person who uses the Site ("user") shall follow all relevant laws, regulations, etc. when using Service.

  • Service may be stopped without previous notice for the maintenance of the Site (including emergency maintenance).


2. Intellectual Property Rights


  • Intellectual property rights concerning all content, text, images, data, software, information and other materials ("content, etc."), which are indicated or can be obtained on the Site, (all rights, including trademarks and copyrights; "intellectual property rights") belong to Robomaniax or suppliers of content, etc. to Robomaniax, and are protected by relevant laws and regulations concerning intellectual property rights.

  • Users can use the Site and download and print content, etc. in accordance with the Rules and relevant laws.

  •  Content, etc. and what is included in content, etc. (regardless of whether it is part or all) cannot be copied, modified, disclosed, sent, distributed, transferred, leased, permitted to use, reprinted or reused beyond private use and the scope explicitly permitted by laws, unless prior consent is obtained from Robomaniax.

  •  Rights concerning individual trademarks/logo marks, trade names, etc. put up on the Site belong to Robomaniax or holders of individual rights. It is prohibited by the Trademark Law and other laws to use these trademarks/logo marks and trade names without permission of Robomaniax, except when such acts are permitted by the Trademark Law and other laws.


3. Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability


  • Robomaniax disclaims any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, safety of the content of any information disclosed, though it pays attention to such information in various ways.

  • Robomaniax does not warrant sure provision of Service or the results of access.

  •  The information put up on the Site is part of the information concerning activities of Robomaniax, but does not cover all activities. Robomaniax disclaims any liability for any result arising from decisions made and act committed based on any information obtained in the Site.

  • The information on the Site is provided "as is" and Robomaniax reserves the right to modify or remove names, content, etc. of all information contained in the Site without previous notice. Robomaniax disclaims any responsibility for any damage arising as a result of the inconsistency between the information contained in the Site and the facts due to the passage of time or arising because of addition to or change in/deletion of the content of Service.

  • The URL of the Site, including the top page, is subject to change without previous notice. Robomaniax disclaims any liability for any problem and influence concerning indication, including broken links, and any damage caused to users as a result of modification/deletion of information in the Site and changes in the URL of the Site.

  • Robomaniax disclaims any liability for damage caused to users as a result of the suspension of Service via the Site due to inevitability such as maintenance of the Site, fire/power failure and other natural disasters, viruses and interference by a third person.

  • Robomaniax does not warrant the accuracy, legality, etc. of the information put up in the websites to which the Site is linked ("linked sites"). In case any problem arises concerning the utilization of linked sites, users are requested to cope with the problem on their own, since the linked sites are responsible for the problem.

  • With regard to all complaints and demands arising as a result of or in connection with the utilization of the Service by users, connection to Service, infringement of the Rules by users or violation of the rights of a third person by users, the users shall resolve such complaints and demand at their own expense and on their own responsibility. Robomaniax does not assume any responsibility. When expenses are incurred by Robomaniax (including the payment of damages) in connection with the said complaints and demands, the users shall bear the said expenses.


4. Prohibited Items

o  The following acts are prohibited when the Site is utilized:

  • Acts that infringe or can infringe property, privacy, etc. of a third person or Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Acts that cause or can cause disadvantage or damage to a third person or Robomaniax

  • Acts that are or can be against public order and morals

  • Criminal acts or acts that lead or can lead to criminal acts

  • Acts to make false declaration or notification, including registration of electronic mail addresses of others

  • Sales activities or acts aimed at making profit or preparing for such acts

  • Acts that damage the honor or reputation of a third person or Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Acts of using or offering harmful programs, including computer viruses, or acts that can lead to such acts

  • Acts that violate or can violate laws, regulations or ordinances

  • Other acts that Robomaniax judges to be improper


5. Others

  • Users of part of the content, etc. of the Site may need to also agree to rules other than the Rules. With regard to websites managed by Robomaniax for which individual rules are stipulated separately, the individual rules have priority.

  • The Rules shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Japanese laws. Users agree to obey the exclusive and human jurisdiction of courts of Japan.

  • When a dispute occurs between Robomaniax and users concerning the Site, Service or the Rules, Robomaniax sincerely strives to settle the dispute in a way satisfactory to both sides. Robomanix is not obliged to be involved in dispute between users and others. When the dispute is not settled by the measures mentioned above and judicial judgment is to be sought, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall be the exclusive competent court of the first trial and have exclusive jurisdiction. Legal procedures for such disputes should be brought up within at least one year from the occurrence of the cause.

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